Keeping such a large building with grounds is always difficult to maintain. The Friends have been working hard to improve parts of the building which is struggling to look appealable.

We have an excellent list of material suppliers, contractors and builders who work with the Friends aiming to make the building a safer and outstanding Church.


Narthex Refurbishments

We have recently refurbished our Narthex; The Narthex is the main room at the back of church which has additional seating for people attending Mass. The Narthex hadn’t been decorated for several years and the poor lighting conditions made the room unusable for both a parish and corporate meeting space.

The ceiling has been lowered to a new height with heating insulation and new LED efficient lighting. The walls have been plastered and redecorated and we have scrapped the patchwork flooring with new carpet throughout to give the room a warm feeling.


Before and After Photos.

Narthex Photos


We have several upcoming building projects, if you would like further information or would like to volunteer please get in touch with David Murphy by email to: