Becoming a Christian

Were you hoping to explore more about Christ and about being a Christian? Have you been touched by the Holy Spirit ?

You probably have come to the right place, and perhaps the RCIA may be useful to take this journey further…. Many others have taken this path, and found it to be fruitful.If you would like to know more, please read on.

St Johns’s church and it’s parishioners are always welcoming new participants . So if you are seeking guidance why not speak to Fr Chris or leave a note for his attention with anyone of the parish members who will be glad to help. Some external resources and links are provided in this page which may be useful. Below are some frequently asked questions .

What is the RCIA?

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)

The RCIA is the liturgical and catechetical process designed for adults attracted by Christ and his teaching. It consists of a series of talks and presentations on the most important aspects of the catholic faith with time for discussion and questions. The sessions are directed at adults seeking membership of or full communion with the catholic church , but are open to all who wish to refresh and renew their faith.

The course is run at St John’s church between October and Easter time.

Do I have to pay or perform a ritual?

The participation is free of charge. There are no rituals involved but it is an oppurtunity to explore Christian faith and life at your own pace with the help of friends who can provide support if needed; or even attend these sessions with you.

What does the programme entail?

The sessions are held once a week, each lasting for about an hour, from October to Easter. This excludes the school breaks and the Christmas holidays.

Is being a Christian similar to joining a cult?

No it is not. Being a Christian is to live free with the full knowledge and satisfaction that you have been saved through the belief in God and his son Jesus Christ.

You are invited to partake in this salvation won for each and every human being on earth through the sacrifice made by Jesus at the cross. He has brought eternal life to our souls; it is a time to rejoice and live fuller and meaningful lives, praising our Saviour the Lord!

Everyone is made to feel welcome in our Church, we are based in a highly populated multicultural area.